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Reach your audience the way only radio can. We have an advertising strategy to suit your budget and needs. We now offer special combination on-air and online advertising packages.  Please contact one of our sales staff  for all the details on how you can make advertising work FOR YOU!

Wayne is always jumping for joy when he returns from a sales trip.  Give Wayne a call at 226-4500 and let him show YOU  the POWER of advertising with radio! You can also email Wayne at

    5 Great Reasons to Use Radio to Achieve Your Marketing Goals...

1.  Radio is persuasive.  Your commercials are heard by the audience and are designed to portray the desired image of your business.  Each commercial creates a "larger than life" image.

2.  Radio creates an equal competitive platform.  Radio commercials allow the small advertiser to compete on an equal basis with much larger companies.  Newspapers often create a visible disadvantage with the size of the ads.

3.  Radio advertisement reaches people all day long in almost any setting.  Many people are awakened by their radio.  They listen while preparing for work, in their cars on the way to and from work, and some listen in the evenings.  Radio 13's complete information and C-93's softer, contemporary format make it possible for people to listen at work.  People also listen to the radio during recreational activities.  The average person reads a newspaper only 15 minutes a day and watches television only two hours daily.

4.  Radio advertisement can mean frequency.  Unlike cable television and newspaper, where ads are only run on a short-term basis, radio has the ability to deliver your message multiple times so that it is difficult to forget your message.  The same is true with print ads; however, to run an ad repetitively in a newspaper would require an enormous advertising budget.

5.  Radio advertisement fits into your advertising budget.  Our low-cost, specific audience reach, flexibility and selectivity place it far ahead of other media as a wise advertising investment.  Advertisers can afford to make advertising with WCCR/WWCH a part of their advertising campaign.


FORMAT:  C-93 is an Adult Contemporary format that features the best variety of songs from the 80's, 90's and today.

TARGET:  A varied audience of people in their prime spending years, including growing families, professionals and working women.  It's softer, contemporary music format makes it a popular station to play in the office.  Hence, we deliver a prime 24 to 54 year-old audience at a 60/40 female to male ratio.  100,000 served by WCCR-FM.

FEATURES:  Local/State/National News...Satellite Weather Center Forecast...School Closings...Live High School Sports Coverage, Award-winning College Sports Coverage and Professional Sports (Including Pittsburgh Steelers Football and Pittsburgh Penguin Hockey)...On-air Contests, Community Events...and more!

Various program sponsorships and advertising packages are available.  The WCCR Radio staff can provide you with a commercial that is professionally written and produced to your specifications. 

WWCH-AM 1300 

FORMAT:  "Clarion's Hit Country," with an emphasis on new country music yet remembering classic country hits.  Full-service local, state and national information. Late-night talk radio.

TARGET:  A varied audience that covers all sectors of the population with an emphasis on those 24 and older.  WWCH-AM 1300 serves part of four counties with a population of 60,000 people.

FEATURES:  Local/State/National News, Radio Pennsylvania Network News, Satellite Weather Center Forecast, School Closings, Business Reports, Spotlight Clarion County, The Trading Post, Community Bulletin Board, Nascar Racing, plus other syndicated programming.  PLUS "Night Talk 1300,"  featuring programs such as "The Michael Reagan Show," "Online Tonight," and "Coast to Coast AM."

Various program sponsorships and advertising packages are available.  The WWCH Radio staff can provide you with a commercial that is professionally written and produced to your specifications. 

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92.7 FM
The Hits Never Stop! WWCH
1300 AM

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