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Note: All phone numbers are in area code 814 unless otherwise indicated
Note: All addresses are Clarion, PA 16214 unless otherwise indicated

Adult Probation
Jayne Smail
500 Main Street
t) 226-6020
f) 226-6027

Adult Services
Cathy Allio
12 Grant Street
t) 226-4643
f) 226-6744

Aging Office
Stephanie Wilshire
12 Grant Street
t) 226-4640
f) 226-6744

Scott Sheffer
395 Airport Road
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 226-9993
f) 226-4490

1st floor - Courthouse
t) 226-1118 | x2301
Chief Assessor x2300
Carol Weaver x2307
MaryAnn Wise x2305
Rebeeca Reed x2307
Marcia Heasley x2302
Jean Kaye x2304
Cheryl Anthony x2301

3rd floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2710
Jim Barger x2710
Ralph Minich
Greg Faller x2711

Central Accounting
Basement - Courthouse
t) 226-2851
f) 226-8065
Scott Keefer (am) x2850
Donna Reinsel x2851
Robin Kahle x2852
Carol Sherbine x2853
Georgian Colwell x2854
Barb Lerch x2855

Central Court
3rd floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2109 | 226-2108

Children and Youth
500 Main St.
t) 226-9280 | 226-5150
f) 226-5430
Kay Rupert:
Bernie Gabriel:

Together We Stand
(Drop-In Ctr)
Wendy Keefer
133 Main Street
t) 226-4041

Clarion County Corrections
Jeff Hornberger, Deputy Warden
John Traister, Warden
309 Amsler Drive Ste. 2
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 226-9615 x4144
f) 226-1152

1st floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2005
f) 226-8069
Donna Hartle x2002
Sue Lencer x2004
Butch Campbell x2001
Conference Room x2007
David Cyphert x2003 | x2005
Sharon Roxbury x2000

Communications Center (911)
Mike Rearick
Old Prison - Madison Avenue
t) 226-4146 | 226-7020
f) 226-4294

Roland Burns
638 Wood Street
t) 227-6300

Counseling Center
214 S 7th Avenue
t) 226-6252
f) 226-6248
Barb Wiles - Adult OP Unit (Old Hospital)
Heather Simons - Children OP Unit

County Park
Mike Johnson
41 Clarion County Park
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 226-9230
f) 226-8892

County Solicitor
Terry Pope
10 Grant Street
t) 226-5700
Early Invervention (Infant Stimulation)
214 S 7th Avenue
Kathleen Shugars
t) 226-4122
f) 226-5311

Commissioner’s Office
1st Floor - Courthouse
Sharon Roxbury x2000
Sue Lencer x2006

Emergency Management
Old Prison, Madison Avenue
t) 226-6631 or x4146
f) 226-4294
Mike Rearick:
Deb Carbaugh:

Family Links
14 Grant Street
t) 226-1153
Terry Bean x12
f) 226-1156

Human Resources
Basement - Courthouse
t) 226-2756
f) 226-7540
Scott Keefer (pm) x2700
Jen McCleary x2707
Marge Knight x2701
Kay Schlappe x2702

Human Services
Reth Ward: 226-1153, x14
Bernie Gabriel: 226-9280
District Attorney
502 Liberty Street
t) 226-4423 | 226-5616
f) 226-0768 | 226-6030
Mark Aaron, DA Prosecution
Liaison: 226-5759
Dave Speer, Asst DA Victim Witness
Program: 226-5765
Barb Slagle, Secretary

District Magistrates
Anthony Lapinto DJ3-1
14 Grant St, Clarion
t) 226-9355
f) 226-9827

Duane Quinn DJ3-2
218 Amsler Drive, Shippenville
t) 226-5170
f) 226-9464

Amy Long DJ3-3
Mendenhall Ave., Knox
t) 797-5934
f) 797-2197

Dan George DJ3-4
237 Broad St, New Bethlehem
t) 275-2322
f) 275-2843

Domestic Relations
17 S 4th Avenue
Carla Ragley (Smith)
t) 226-1030
f) 226-1034

Drug and Alcohol
214 S. 7th Avenue (Old Hospital)
Rona Shumaker
t) 226-5888
f) 226-4212
Industrial Development
219 Amsler Ave
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 226-9043 | 226-9045
f) 226-9047
Valerie DeCorte

Basement - Courthouse
Dick Beary
t) 226-2806

Judge's Chambers
2nd Floor-Courthouse
t) 226-2101 | 226-9351
f) 226-1097
Judge James Arner x2100
Kim Reinsel x2100
Tami Kline x2102
Gayle Ganoe x2101
Bob Jordon x2105
LaVieta Lerch x2106
Tammy Slike x2110
Barb Everman x2103
Conference Room x2107

Jury Commissioners
3rd Floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2710
Naomi Summerville x2710
Connell Taylor x2710

Juvenile Probation
500 Main Street
t) 226-4743
f) 226-6027

Life Learning Center
214 S. 7th Avenue
Joanne Grine
t) 226-6131
f) 226-6248

Mental Health/Mental Retardation
Old Hospital, 214 S 7th Avenue
t) 226-1080 | 226-5831
f) 226-1085
Evan Dittman, Administrator: 226-1880
Ann Fagley (MH)
Mary Jo Rhode (MR)
Personal Touch
t) 227-2699

12735 Rt. 322
PO Box 505
t) 226-5870
Jay Blondheim

3rd floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2801
f) 226-5275
Twila Rifenberrick x2800
Kristi Ditz x2802
Phyllis Koah x2803

1st Floor- Courthouse
t) 226- 2402 | 226-1119
MaryJane McCall x2402
Sue Gourley x2401
Vonda Caldwell x2403
Teresa Baker x2400

Public Defender
16 Grant Street
Mike Marshall
t) 226-7380
f) 226-7698

Register & Recorder
1st Floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2501 | 226-1117
Greg Mortimer x2500
Pam Runyan x2501
Nina Harman x2502
Back Room x2503
Senior Centers
Clarion: 226-4194
Rimersburg: 473-6208
Leeper: 744-9272
St. Petersburg: 724-659-5524
New Bethlehem: 275-4006

Basement – Courthouse
William Peck x2900
t) 226-2901 | 226-7611
f) 226-9824
Susie Grieble x2804
Dolores Schmader x2805
Darlene Wolbert x2901
Barry Troutman x2902
Josh Guntrum x2903
Doug Slagle x2903
Frank Remmick x2905
Jeff Slagle x2906

Tax Claim
Assessment Office, 1st Floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2306
Judy Corbett

3rd floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2705 | 226-7012
Annette Salizzoni x2705
Dennis Smith x2706

t) 226-2861 | 226-1113
Tess Snyder x2861
Karen Wolbert x2860

Veteran's Affairs
2nd Floor – Courthouse
t) 226-2601
Paul Lieberum x2600
Judy Erhart x2601

Voter Registration
1st floor - Courthouse
t) 226-2205
Sally Moore:

Deb Arner
t) 226-1080

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